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What We Grow

  • Lettuce ad Salad Mixes 

  • Microgreens

  • Tomatoes

  • Cherry Tomatoes

  • Ground Cherries 

  • Hot Peppers

  • Cucumbers

  • Garlic

  • Green Onions

  • Basil, Dill, Cilantro, and other herbs

  • Kale and Chard 

  • Radishes

  • Many more!



  • Sunflower 

  • Zinnia

  • Snapdragon

  • Cosmos 

  • Amaranth

  • Basil

  • Strawflower

  • Nasturtium

  • Celosia 

  • Many more! 

How do we grow them? 

We grow all of our produce and flowers using no-till methods, which preserve the health and structure of the soil. We fertilize with compost and organic plant-based fertilizers, such as alfalfa meal and seaweed powder. By applying amendments that release nutrients slowly, we avoid nutrient runoff into our waterways, which feed into the Chesapeake Bay.

Many farms specialize in either vegetables or flowers but rarely both. Here on our farm, we incorporate flowers not only for their beauty, but also because it's better for the vegetables! Flowers attract pollinators that many of our vegetables need to produce fruit.


In fact, local flowers are not just better for our vegetables, but they are also better for you and your family! 80% of flowers sold in the United States are grown out of the country and are typically sprayed with pesticides and fungicides to preserve them during the long journey from the field, often thousands of miles from your grocery store. At Blue Berwyn Farm, we don't spray our flowers with anything other than water. You can feel safe bringing our beautiful blooms into your home.

Rather than apply herbicides, we physically remove weeds from the beds. We minimize pests primarily by handpicking and with physical barriers like insect netting. When necessary, we may apply an organic, plant-based pesticide on our vegetables. For example, we used soapy water to tackle our aphid problem last year.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about our growing methods! 

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